We create custom software for businesses using NECS entrée line of Windows-based, foodservice distribution software.

NECS entrée is a product of NECS, Inc.

Custom Bill of Lading

We have the technology and know-how to create customized bill of lading (BOL) documents in Microsoft Office with cases, inventory, and other data from the NECS entrée data.

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Custom Shelf Tags and Sales Forms

Our custom software reads pricing and inventory data from NECS entrée allowing foodservice distributors to have accurate and timely pricing on shelves and sales forms.

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Future Pricing Management

We extend the future special pricing capabilities of NECS entrée. Our software allows two-way pricing management. Print custom tags, labels, and sales forms with future prices.

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We are Committed to Your Success

We create custom software solutions that enhance and complement the award-winning NECS entrée.

Our software philosophy is value-based. We listen to understand the job you need to get done, pain points you might have, and what would delight your customers.  Then, we design and implement custom software that delivers the services you need, the pain relievers you are seeking, and the best customer experience.

Since 1995 we have created custom software for finance, accounting, logistics, pricing, inventory management, and foodservice distribution.

We are ready to work with you to optimize the value of your NECS entrée experience!



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